Mayors’ Council prescribes cure for the ‘Symptoms of Congestion’

Mayors’ Council prescribes cure for the ‘Symptoms of Congestion’

New video presents a humorous take on the serious issue of transportation investment

April 10, 2017 (New Westminster) — Today, the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation launched the next phase of its #CureCongestion public outreach campaign with the release of a new video, The Symptoms of Congestion, which takes a light-hearted approach to getting Metro Vancouver residents talking about transportation in the lead up to the May 9th provincial election.

The video highlights some of the frustrations Metro Vancouver residents experience every day on our roads and transit system, and encourages Metro Vancouver residents to visit to learn more about the 10-Year Vision for Transit and Transportation and the role the next provincial government will play in completing the region-wide plan.
On April 5th, the Mayors’ Council released its 2017 B.C. Election Platform which outlines the actions needed from the next provincial government and includes a questionnaire that has been distributed to the major political parties for their response prior to April 21.

Already, transportation is becoming a key issue in the campaign, as evidenced by two announcements by the BC Liberals and BC NDP yesterday, proposing changes to the region’s tolling system. The Mayors’ Council responded to the proposals by pointing out that neither party has yet committed to workable solutions that will reduce congestion across our region over the long term. Completing the 10-Year Vision should be the first priority for both our provincial and regional governments if we want to relieve congestion, improve affordability and protect the quality of life in Metro Vancouver.

A new 10-Year Vision Funding Progress Report has been published on so that election candidates and voters have the latest information on which aspects of the 10-Year Vision are already underway, where funding from federal and provincial governments has been committed, and projects that remain unfunded.

The Cure Congestion campaign, an initiative of the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation, aims to educate the region’s voters about the 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation and ensure transportation is a key issue in the lead up to the May 9th B.C. election.

Phase One of the 10-Year Vision, a $2 billion plan, includes more frequent public transit service, road improvements and active transportation infrastructure. Phase One was approved in November 2016 and is being rolled out by TransLink starting this year. Two-thirds, or $1.3 billion, of the total capital and operating costs of the plan was funded from TransLink’s existing funding sources, cost savings and efficiencies, and new regional revenue sources.

Phase Two of the 10-Year Vision includes urgently-needed infrastructure such as the Millennium Line Broadway Extension in Vancouver, a new LRT system in Surrey, and replacement of the aging Pattullo Bridge, as well as additional road improvements and expansion of bus, rail and HandyDART services to meet the needs of our region’s growing population.