The Plan

Vote YES for Better Transit

In Metro Vancouver


Building the
Broadway Subway

Expanding the Millennium Line with an underground extension to Arbutus within the next 10 years.


Light Rail Transit
in Surrey & Langley

104 Avenue to King George Boulevard in the first 7 years. Fraser Highway to Langley Centre in the first 12 years.


Replacing the
Pattullo Bridge

A safer, new, four-lane bridge, designed with the potential to be expanded to six lanes in the future.


11 New B-Line
Rapid Bus Routes

A total of 14 B-Line routes that are often faster than driving, supported by 159 new buses and 200 km of new B-Line service.

The Mayor’s Council worked collaboratively with Metro Vancouver’s municipalities to develop an action plan to improve and expand our transit and transportation system.

These investments are essential to protecting our environment, strengthening our economy, and improving our health and quality of life.


Key Investment Highlights

  • The Mayors’ Council Transportation and Transit Plan will reduce traffic congestion by 20%, allowing drivers and transit users to save 20–30 minutes per day on commutes through some of the region’s most congested corridors.
  • For drivers, that means less time stuck in traffic and improved transit services that offer a real alternative to driving.
  • For transit users, it means better and extended bus service, improved HandyDART service and an expanded rapid transit system.
  • Our plan will also make cycling a safer and more viable option for travel.

Bigger, Better and Faster Transit Service

Our plan also includes important investments to improve transit service and frequency across the region:

25% increase in bus service

Adding 400 more buses to the existing fleet of 1,830.

More frequent all-day service

More corridors with service every 15 minutes or better, seven days a week.

50% more SeaBus service

Every 10 minutes during peak hours, and every 15 minutes during the rest of the day

80% more NightBus service

Increased service for people who need to get around at night.

Upgrades to the Expo, Millennium and Canada Lines

220 additional fleet vehicles Stations upgraded to meet growing demand

13 new or expanded transit exchanges across the region

Serving growing demand and making transit easier to use.

Better connections to transit for pedestrians

Connection improvements at or near transit stops and stations.

70% of residents will have access to more frequent transit throughout the region

More frequent peak-hour service

Commuters will spend less time waiting.

More service to new and growing neighbourhoods across the region

30% more HandyDART service

Improved service for people that require assistance accessing transit

27% More West Coast Express service

10 additional fleet vehicles and one new locomotive

2,700 km of bikeways

300 km of fully traffic-separated routes.

Maintaining and upgrading the Major Road Network

Investing $36 million per year in a cost-share with municipalities around the region that will keep people and goods moving.

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