Our Vision

The Mayors’ Council, representing 23 local elected governments in Metro Vancouver, have worked together to develop a common vision and action plan for our transportation system that will protect our regional economy, our environment, our health and quality of life.

Transportation Investments

  • Light Rail Transit in Surrey and the Langleys
  • Broadway Corridor Rapid Transit
  • Pattullo Bridge replacement
  • 11 new B-Lines
  • 25% increase in bus service
  • 400 more buses
  • More frequent all-day service
  • More frequent peak-hour service
  • 50% more SeaBus service
  • 80% more NightBus service
  • 30% more HandyDART service
  • Upgrades to the Expo, Millennium and Canada Lines
  • More West Coast Express service
  • 13 new or expanded transit exchanges
  • 2,700 kilometres of bikeways,
  • Better connections to transit through pedestrian improvements
  • Maintaining and upgrading the Major Road Network (MRN)

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How Do We Pay

The Mayors’ Council Vision identifies new investments that will reduce existing congestion as well as the impact of the one million new residents who are expected to join the region over the next 30 years.

The new revenue needed to implement the Vision will ramp up over the next decade as projects come online. By 2025, an estimated $390 million (2015 dollars) in new funding will be needed each year.

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