90-Day Action Plan: October Update

Following the 2017 B.C. Election, the Mayors’ Council issued the 90-Day Action Plan for Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation that laid out the key priorities and milestones to keep the Phase Two Plan of the 10-Year Vision on track for approval in early-2018.

With the new provincial government not taking office until mid-August, the Action Plan countdown clock got started later than hoped, but the new government is now working closely with the Mayors’ Council to get Metro Vancouver moving to #CureCongestion.

On October 16, the Mayors’ Council made a submission to the consultation process on BC Budget 2018. The submission proposes that the portion of the new Provincial Carbon Tax revenues raised by the proposed annual $5 increase between 2018 and 2022 paid by transportation activities in Metro Vancouver, be reinvested in the region, in the Phase Two Plan. This investment would close the remaining funding gap, and pave the way for quick approval of the plan in early-2018.

Stuck in traffic? Crowded on transit? There’s a cure for that.

Congestion is a pain for commuters across Metro Vancouver every day. We’ve all experienced delays that made us late for work or school, or kept us from spending more time with our families.

The good news is, there is a cure for congestion.

We can reduce traffic and overcrowding…if all three levels of government work in partnership to make smart investments in public transit, roads, bridges, and active transportation – now and in the future.

The Mayors’ Council has a comprehensive plan for urgently-needed transportation investments, the 10-Year Vision. The Federal Government offered $2.2 billion for rapid transit projects included in the plan, and the Provincial Government offered to match it. We need the next Provincial Government to follow through with that important commitment, and also provide other critical support to complete the plan.

In this provincial election, the Mayors’ Council is calling on all the major provincial parties to commit to curing congestion. See how they have responded by reading our Voters’ Guide, which compares transportation policies of the BC Green Party, BC Liberal Party and BC NDP.

YOU can join our call to cure congestion: Take the pledge and tell us what you would do if you had a faster commute.

We need to keep Metro Vancouver MOVING

It’s time to reduce congestion by making smart, sustained investments in public transit, roads, bridges, and active transportation. The 10-Year Vision is a region-wide plan to keep Metro Vancouver moving and the blueprint for the future of our transportation system.


New rapid transit projects for a growing population:

Broadway Subway
Extending SkyTrain down the busy Broadway corridor in Vancouver

Surrey LRT
Building a new light rail system to connect neighbourhoods in Surrey and Langley

Better, more frequent public transit service:

Upgrading Skytrain
More rail cars and station upgrades on the existing SkyTrain system

More Bus Service
New B-Lines and increased frequency on bus routes region-wide

More HandyDART service for people who can’t use traditional transit

Improving road conditions for drivers:

Pattullo Bridge
Replacing the aging Pattullo with a new four-lane bridge

Better, Safer Roads
Improvements to the major road network to improve safety and reduce bottlenecks

The 10-Year Vision also includes expansion and improvements to SeaBus, WestCoast Express, and cycling and walking networks region-wide.


Faster commutes, fewer transit pass ups, and expanded services and schedules means more time spent with family and friends, and more options for moving around the region for work or play.

Saving You Time

Just by completing the 10-Year Vision, we can reduce road congestion by up to 20 percent and save commuters as much as 30 minutes on their daily travels.

For example:
Driving from New Westminster to Surrey Centre: 15 minute savings
Taking transit from Maple Ridge to UBC: 30 minute savings
Driving from Langley Centre to Metrotown: 20 minute savings

For more details about the benefits of investing in transportation, see our 2017 Election Platform

The facts about transportation and this election

Just by completing the 10-Year Vision, we know that we can reduce road congestion by up to 20 percent, and commuters could save as much as 30 minutes on their daily travels. The 10-Year Vision is a first, critical step in the region’s 30-year transportation strategy – a plan that puts us on the right path to address congestion on our roads and crowding on our transit system. The sooner we get commitments to fund and deliver the entire plan, the sooner our region can continue the important conversation about the next steps needed to keep up with population and economic growth. Not moving forward would hurt our region now, and well into the future, as we will fall further and further behind in providing the transportation infrastructure to meet the demands of our growing population.

There’s a lot at stake in this election. Recent public opinion surveys show that transportation is among the top concerns for Metro Vancouver residents. Increasing traffic on our roads and overcrowding on our transit system affect not only our environment and economy, but our quality of life. Smart investments in transportation – like the region-wide improvements included in the 10-Year Vision – will save Metro Vancouver residents time and make it easier to get around. A more efficient region-wide transportation system will also provide access to more affordable housing options for more people, especially as our population grows.

The Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation is engaging in an outreach campaign to educate Metro Vancouver residents about transportation issues in our region, in the lead up to the May 9th provincial election. With traffic congestion and overcrowding on transit among the top concerns of residents in Metro Vancouver, we believe it’s important to understand what’s at stake in this election and how the major political parties plan to deal with this critical issue. The Mayors’ Council is the collective voice of Metro Vancouver residents on transit and transportation. Our members include representatives from each of the 21 municipalities in TransLink’s service area, as well as Electoral Area ‘A’ and the Tsawwassen First Nation. We are responsible for approving TransLink’s transportation plans, identifying local funding and negotiating with other levels of government to make those plans a reality.

Yes – the Mayors’ Council welcomed the recent announcement from the B.C. Government that they would match the $2.2 billion in federal funding for rapid transit projects in Metro Vancouver. This is important progress, and follows the successful partnership of the region, provincial and federal governments in 2016 to approve Phase One of the 10-Year Vision. Moving forward with the remaining transit and road projects included in the 10-Year Vision depends on continued collaboration between the three governments. We’re looking forward to the next provincial government following through on the $2.2 billion in matching funds and working with the Mayors’ Council to identify funding sources for the region’s share. We also need the province to help deliver on other urgent priorities like replacing the Pattullo Bridge, upgrading the SkyTrain system to deal with overcrowding and growing demand, and continuing to expand bus and HandyDART service region-wide. We cannot afford to delay completion of the 10-Year Vision – if we wait, congestion will keep getting worse.

The goal of the Mayors’ Council is to educate Metro Vancouver residents about regional transportation plans and the role of the various levels of government in improving roads and transit in our region. It’s up to each voter to decide which candidate best represents their views on the issues that matter most to them. When it comes to transportation, we have asked the major political parties to define their commitments to completing the 10-Year Vision. Read our Voters’ Guide to compare how each of the parties responded to the Mayors’ Council’s six key priorities for addressing congestion in Metro Vancouver

Voices in support of transportation investment

“We must invest in transit and transportation to move our region onto the international playing field.”Elizabeth Model, Chair,
Better Transit and Transportation Coalition
“Investing into our transportation system in the Lower Mainland will help to facilitate the success of new Canadians who will call this area home.”
Sasha Ramnarine, Board Member, Immigrant Services Society of BC
“Investing in public transit is an investment in health. Improved air quality and regular activity that comes from walking to and from transit reduce our risk for numerous chronic diseases. Transit makes our communities healthier.”

Scott McDonald, CEO,
BC Lung Association and Chair, BC Healthy Living Alliance
“Better public transit and transportation brings people together from labour, business, environment, health and community groups – it just makes social, economic and ecological sense.”Gavin McGarrigle, Area Director,
British Columbia, Unifor

Mayors’ council

The Mayor’s Council is the collective voice of Metro Vancouver residents on transit and transportation. Our members include representatives from each of the 21 municipalities in TransLink’s service area, as well as Electoral Area ‘A’ and the Tsawwassen First Nation. We are responsible for approving TransLink’s transportation plans, identifying local funding and negotiating with other levels of government to make those plans a reality. Learn more about the Mayors’ Council and the 10-Year Vision, our plan for region-wide investments in public transit, roads and active transportation infrastructure.

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